Probate Pricing

The fees involved in a probate matter can vary and this will depend on the individual circumstances involved.
We generally charge an hourly rate which means that you pay for the work carried out. We can offer a fixed fee upon request.

Our fees in connection with the administration and distribution of a straightforward estate should range between £750 and £2000 plus VAT and disbursements.

This figure is for estates where a short inheritance tax form can be completed and which have:

  • One property.
  • Up to two bank accounts.
  • Up to four beneficiaries who have mental capacity and who are over the age of 18 or the age specified in the Will.
  • Up to two intangible assets that pay out to the estate (for example, life policies, shares or other investments).

If you wish to instruct us only to obtain the Grant of Representation in respect of a straightforward estate, then we anticipate that our fees should not exceed £750 plus VAT and disbursements.

There are various situations which would increase our costs. The following list is not exhaustive but will give you examples of possible reasons:

  • Multiple properties in the estate.
  • Foreign assets.
  • High value personal belongings.
  • More than two intangible assets (for example, life policies, shares or other investments).
  • Multiple cash assets.
  • More than four beneficiaries.
  • Lifetime gifts.
  • Beneficiaries who lack mental capacity or who are under the age of 18 or the age specified in the Will.
  • Intestacies where there are more than four beneficiaries or the family tree needs to be established.
  • Business interests including unlisted shares.
  • Complicated tax liabilities (including income tax and capital gains tax).
  • Missing beneficiaries/defunct charities.
  • Disputes amongst executors and/or beneficiaries.
  • Complex inheritance tax issues such as a gift with reservation of benefit, establishing the deceased’s domicile and taper relief.
  • Ongoing Trusts arising from the Will.
  • Claims against the estate.

If any of the items listed above apply to the estate, then we will revise our fees accordingly. If any the items listed above come to light after we provide you with an indication of our fees, then we will revise it as soon as possible.

Probate Pricing

It is important that you provide us with as much information as available at the outset so that we can provide you with a realistic indication of fees.

Anticipated Disbursements

  • Probate Fee: £155.00.
  • Official copies of the Grant of Probate (per copy): £0.50.
  • Post in Local Newspaper: From £100 plus VAT.
  • Post in London Gazette: From £69.50 plus VAT.

Time Scales

On average the administration of a straightforward estate should take between 6 and 12 months.

Our Probate Team

Our Probate team is made up of solicitors and administrators. Our team is supervised by a Director with over 30 years’ experience.